Keep your teens productive this summer!

June 20, 2017

Summer has begun and finding programs or camps for your elementary aged children was probably a breeze. However, finding programs and camps for your teens may have been a challenge. Granted your teens may have been thinking, “I don’t want to do anything but lay in bed or sit on the couch” but you and I both know that won’t be happening. We have more productive plans for them. If you are like many parents who can’t find a suitable camp or program, it’s up to you to make sure your teen doesn’t waste their summer and mind away in front of the TV or cell phone.  So here are a couple of ideas to help your teen to be productive, keep those brain cells, and keep your sanity.

  1. Obviously….order the Dream, Create, Activate workbook for your teen to work through. It will be more exciting to pick up another copy for their best friend(s) so they can work through it together, motivate each other, and chase their dreams. That’s the kind of friends you want your kids to hang with anyways…Go-getters ;).
  2. Encourage your teen to read at least one book a month (June, July, August). One fiction, non-fiction, and personal development.  30-45 minutes of daily reading will help them in many ways. I would also recommend a physical (not E-book). It builds motor-sensory skills and gives your child a break from screen time. However, pick your battles wisely. If they want to read something in digital form…hey, take what you can get!
  3. Research and summarize news articles…whatever interests them…Help them get out of their social media feeds and see what’s going on their city, state, nation, and world. They can do this daily or weekly. Make it fun and make sure they share what’s going on in the world. With my students I make them share “What in the WORLD is going on?” day to discuss international affairs and concerns.
  4. Ask your teens about what issues or concerns they are passionate about and make them find areas they can serve in their community with their friends. Community service helps the community and your teen on a personal level and scholarship level.
  5. Journaling is so therapuetic! It also helps to keep those writing skills up. Have your teen start with a paragraph. They can write about anything they want.
  6. Habits start young…get them in the habit of working out even if its 30 minutes a day. Get moving for their physical and emotional well being!!!
  7. Work on Math. There are so many computer based programs that your teens school provide to help them review what they learned this school year or even prepare for next year. Can’t find the programs, buy a math workbook from any local retail store like Walmart, Target, Office Depot, etc. Another great math task is to help them create their own budget or help with the family budget.
  8. Have them work on their creative side. Whether they like song writing, playing an instrument, drawing, dancing, sewing, crafts, singing, painting,etc…make them do it regularly!
  9. Family/Parent time…just the thought of it may make them gag but deep down inside the love it. They love to have one on one time with you and/or their family. Play games together, watch a movie, take a trip, go shopping,etc.  Whatever it is…do it together and try to do it without your electronics. For more ideas regarding this check out this amazing resource, Get between your Teen and the Screen.
  10. Allow them to just HAVE FUN!!! On their terms! Its Summer Time and they need to do something daily to remind them its summer. They worked really hard last school year and the next school year will be just as hard or harder. Let them recharge.


I’m sure one and/or all of these tips will make your teen have a great productive and relaxing summer that will be the best summer yet while preparing for a successful school year.  To receive more information to help your teens sign up for our newsletter here.

Happy Summer!!

~Monique Parker

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