Count down to Success!

February 22, 2017

Don’t the school breaks fly by? You might be wishing for more PJ wearing days or for the days to speed up for your teens to go back to school! We know…don’t remind you.  Well…The Count down is on!

You can savor these last days of vacation while preparing your teen for success in 2017.

Here are some tips to make next semester a great one, decrease stress & strengthen your relationship with your teen:

->Ask them what’s important to them about school and why
->Ask them to reflect what worked well in 2016 and what didn’t.
->Ask what would make the next semester less stressful for them?
->Help them clean out their bookbags and make sure they only keep what they need in their bag and file away the important papers at home.
->Stock up on paper,pencils,pens,an agenda, and replace old binders or bags.
->Help them create a schedule to balance school & their extra-curricular activities.
->Encourage them to try to go back to their healthy and a normal sleep schedule
->Encourage them to pick out clothes for the week

By implementing some of these strategies now, we know your teen will have a great start to the semester.

In School or in Life, we aim to see teens decrease STRESS and see SUCCESS!

What are you doing to help your child get ready to go back to school?

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