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      It’s time for our youth to dream again & focus on their future. Not watch celebrities and social media friends living out their dreams, but we need to equip our youth with the right tools to create and achieve their own dreams and positively impact not only their future but the world.
      Parkland Enrichment offers resources and workshops that will help you and your child ditch the stress and achieve success!
      Get this engaging & powerful 21 step self-exploration workbook that will help tweens & teens discover their Dream, Create their path, and Activate their plan to achieve their goals. This book also encourages parent/mentor interaction therefore developing a stronger relationship with more communication to help teens succeed.

    • This is truly great. You ladies are motivating me through this book!! It’s very positive, encouraging, and totally relatable. It feels like a comfortable conversation with someone who cares about me. This is perfect for my daughter.

      Theresa G.
      Parent & Educator
    • A thoughtful, interactive book that teaches teens to believe in themselves, explore their talents, and see their future as big as they dare to dream. The book provides great reflection and encourages teens to engage in meaningful conversation with parents and mentors. This would be an ideal book for youth/teen organizations and church groups.

      University Director
    • I had dreams but they were somewhat vague. I was unsure on how to make them real. After reading this book I not only have a clear view of my goals but have clear actionable steps on how to achieve them. This book makes me excited about my future and more focused in school. I enjoyed learning more about me & my mom.

      Ashayla C.
      High School Senior
    • Monique & Adinah incorporate themes, quotes, and scenarios in this book of which today’s youth can relate, making this workbook journal immediately relevant and impactful on youth navigating the challenges in today’s society.

      Diondra N.
      High school Principal
  • Get your copy Now!

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    *stats from stageoflife.com

  • Expose your child to awesome training, exposure, mentors, interactive lessons and experiences.

  • We believe in order for adults to be whole, successful, and healthy they need to be taught and not just when they become an adult but before they become adults.  How can we expect our youth to be responsible, great decision makers, focused, and clear about their path in life without guidance.  Guidance that is usually not taught in schools.  We all want that competitive edge in certain areas of our lives, so do our youth to possess the success they seek.

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